Benefits of pelvic floor PT for preconception

Reasons why you might want to think about adding a pelvic floor PT to your list of medical providers if you are thinking about or trying to get pregnant.

As a cash-based business model outside the regulations and restrictions of insurance-based care, I am super happy to be able to offer services like prenatal programs and labor preparation. 

Why not get a jump start and work towards prevention instead of waiting to address issues that may arise like that coming nagging low back pain or balder leaks during pregnancy!?

Here are some of the benefits of participating in pelvic floor PT

  1. Reduce the likelihood of low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. Starting with a good foundation of strength can also reduce the likelihood of things such as diastasis recti during pregnancy, pelvic organ prolapse, or bladder leaks. It's easier to maintain strength than it is to build.
    -Why wait until the first or 2nd trimester to start when you may be battling pregnancy fatigue or nausea!?
  2. Improve fertility: address mechanical infertility issues such as abnormal positioning of the uterus.Maybe you have been told you have a posterior-tilted uterus!?  This may be due to restrictions in the areas around such as the ligamentous attachments to the sacrum or adhesions in the fascial and visceral tissues.One statistic I found said that up to 30 percent of infertility could be due to more mechanical infertility issues!? 🤯

    Many pelvic PTs are trained in abdominal massage and visceral work to help address these impairments.

    Other benefits include improved blood flow and circulation in the tissues, especially beneficial to those who may have preexisting systemic underlying conditions such as endometriosis, IBS or Chrons, or old past surgical scars including past  C-section scars.

  3. Lastly I often see clinically that those who stay active during pregnancy and participate in pelvic floor PT, report improved stamina with active labor and report improved confidence going into labor.Other benefits include reduced risk of pelvic floor and perineal injuries with vaginal delivery. This is likely related to having proper education and coordination on how to push avoiding blue-faced valsalva pushing, good connection with abdominal muscles, and having good length and ability to relax the pelvic floor.

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