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emily r

Heather is amazing! My lower back was very painful after giving birth and the stretches she had me do really helped. She made an entire at home routine for me which was very convenient because I can’t always make it to in person appointments with my baby. She also massaged my abs which I didn’t even know were uncomfortable, and it felt so good! Especially after being pregnant. Definitely recommend her for all moms!

-Emily R

ashlee h

I highly recommend connecting with Heather for your PT needs! I’ve been seeing her during my pregnancy for issues like upper back pain and tension. Her methods range from cupping, massage, exercises you can do at home, etc. She’s very friendly and very knowledgeable. I’ve seen improvement & benefits working with her thus far! 🙂

-Ashlee H

Darrienne S

Knowledgeable and thorough, In addition to kind and understanding. Her office is adorable and kid friendly. She’s the best!

-Darrienne S

Karen F

After my first baby I started noticing a bit of incontinence. My second baby, it got even worse. I was at a concert having the best time, after the show ended I looked down and I clearly had major incontinence issues. I was so embarrassed and had no idea this was an issue that could be resolved.
Dr Heather came highly recommended. My initial consultation went amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and she really cares. Dr Heather is passionate about achieving and end goal and that’s what keeps me going back. It has been almost 3 months since I’ve started physical therapy and I have progressed tremendously. I am so thrilled to know I can live a life after kids with relief. I cannot recommended her enough.

-Karen F

Dominique P

Dr. Heather Gibson is absolutely the best out there! She offers UNDIVIDED quality attention at every appointment to ensure each patient leaves feeling better than they came. I leave each session with exercises to continue progress at home in between appointments. She welcomes the entire family to join appointments with toys to entertain the kids. She is highly educated in her field and it shows! Dr. Heather takes the time to teach patients along the way so you always know the purpose behind exercises and why they will help. I will be seeing her until I deliver and then will be continuing postpartum to ensure I heal and strengthen my body before next pregnancy. I HIGHLY recommend scheduling your first visit!

-Dominique P

Kambria W

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Gibson as I worked on c-section recovery. She thoroughly explained what's happening as my body is healing and walked me through step-by-step exercises. I noticed immediate improvement from the stretches and cupping in her office plus the take-home exercises she assigned. Plus, she's incredibly sweet!

-Kambria W

Following my pelvic reconstruction surgery I feel fortunate to have engaged with Heather at Gibson Body Wellness. I could tell from my first phone conversation that Heather would be the choice for my physical therapy needs. She is easy to talk to and she actively listens. She thoroughly explains each exercise and what muscles it is targeting. The unique nature of her approach is that she is 100% dedicated to you during each appointment. There is no handoff to an assistant during your time slot. She makes you feel confident and you do not feel rushed. The environment is comfortable and not intimidating as some “big box” therapy outfits can be. Heather is very easy to reach and responds to texts and calls if you have any questions. Her energy level is contagious and she maintains a positive goal oriented approach. I highly recommend her.

-Jeanne R

Dr. Gibson is both knowledgeable and compassionate.  She explains things well and helps you understand what's happening in your body.  She also gives homework so you can progress at home 🙂

-Nicolette R

Heather is absolutely amazing! I am recovering from scoliosis surgery and from that having hip and knee issues and she knows exactly what’s going on and provides the best instruction and therapy when I’m with her. Heather also provides easy to understand home exercises which has helped me greatly. I don’t write reviews often but she has done so much for me I highly highly recommend her! Plus she is the sweetest person!

-Julie G

I started seeing Heather a couple of months after my second c-section and to say it has made this second postpartum experience better would be an understatement. She helped me with scar therapy and not only improved the appearance of my incision, but more importantly resolved some symptoms I had from adhesions that I didn’t realize were related. She gave me personalized exercise programs to do at home to help with diastasis, some back issues I was having, and general postpartum recovery. I can move better with my kids and appreciate that she has such an understanding and appreciation of what moms are going through postpartum. I like being able to take some time to myself to go to the appointments, but there have been times that childcare has fallen through and I’ve brought baby with me. Luckily babies and kids are welcomed at visits and Heather even brought out toys and made a safe play area for him while we worked through my visit.

I am now 10 months postpartum and can’t emphasize enough how much she has helped me. I highly recommend pelvic floor therapy for all my mom friends as part of their perinatal care, but Heather’s holistic approach to women’s health and recovery makes her unique and a complete game changer for busy moms.

-Kelsy S

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