What my clients are saying!

Britni A testimonial

“Anyone that has the pleasure of knowing Heather already knows her impressive work ethic, infectious sense of humor, and immense dedication to research. But her extensive history of experience in both personal training and physical therapy is immediately evident… along with her warmth.  Two years ago, after having my second baby and vaginal birth, my pelvic floor strength was completely shot. I couldn’t sneeze, run, or even full-heartily laugh without considerable leakage in my nether regions. My condition was impairing my everyday life. She really took the time to listen, evaluate and treat me ” as a whole”– providing exercise programs that are easy to implement into even the busiest of mommy schedules  (with little to no equipment necessary). “She will be your biggest advocate, and is THE person to go on the journey of postpartum recovery with!Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

Britni A.

Mommy of 3!

Pam L Testimonial

What a difference taking care of your body makes! Heather is very knowledgeable and I learn so much every time I see her.  I am a hairstylist and suffer from back and shoulder pain. Seeing Heather regularly has helped me build my body to continue doing my job without causing more issues.

Heather works one-on-one with me and maps out a plan with very clear steps for me to do (exercises, stretches, frequency, etc). I can tell that she truly cares about helping people and encourages me to do the work and not give up.  Heather is a true professional but her personality makes our session fun! I trust Heather completely and highly recommend her!

Pam L

Madeline L. Testimonial

“I absolutely loved the entire experience! Heather is so nice & informative, she really knows what she’s doing! I booked a visit with her hoping to find some relief for my shoulder and I got so much more than that!

 The home visit was convenient and comfortable and I got to take away 10+ exercises and stretches to work on after the visit. 


Heather also performed dry needling on my shoulder which helped tremendously, as well as listened to all my concerns gave advice that was well thought out and effective. I can’t say enough good things about my experience, 10/10 recommend!”


Madeline L


Breanne R Testimonial

“I had a great experience with Heather from the start.  She was extremely quick to respond to me. When she came to my house (which was so convenient with a newborn), she was extremely professional, had all her supplies and a table to use.


I felt like Heather truly cared and wanted to get to know my personal experience so she could help me achieve my goals. Heather evaluated me and went through a few exercises she wanted me to perform each day. I felt 100% confident when she left with exactly what I needed to do.


I am so happy that I reached out to Heather to start my recovery and am so thankful for her professionalism and her knowledge she provided me with.


Breanne R


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