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Whether you're an expecting Mother to be, recently gave birth, or you have health, wellness, and fitness goals, Gibson Body Wellness has your solution. Treatment for pelvic floor and orthopedic conditions.

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Pelvic floor PT can be a great way to not only improve your overall stamina and reduce aches and pains along the way during pregnancy, but hopefully reduce the incidence of some of the more common pelvic floor conditions.

Physical therapy to keep you moving and feeling your best throughout your body.  Whether it be a specific joint or muscle injury or you are just wanting to move optimally and feel your best with less pain and fatigue. 
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We offer individualized fitness plans that are tailored exclusively to you. These plans are designed specifically for you by your Physical Therapist. Let's get you looking and feeling your best! 

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If so, you may have underlying pelvic floor dysfunction and may candidate for pelvic floor physical therapy.

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