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Labor prep and your pelvic floor class version 3.0, coming February 2024.

Will be hosted at Feb 17th, 9-11 @ Kokua

wellness workshop
The class will cover useful education about your pelvic floor and pregnancy, labor education and injury prevention for reducing risk of pelvic floor injury.
  • Learn a variety of positions to labor in and comfort measures,
  • Learn useful strategies for improving your connection to your core and successful push strategies.
  • Learn about a variety of different postpartum pelvic floor conditions and tips for early intervention and reducing likelihood of certain conditions such as stress incontinence, pain with sex due to pelvic floor tension/injury and pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Home exercise program to perform prior to due date.
Class will be led by:
Birth doula Kaitlin brown @asherbirthandbody
Heather Gibson Doctor of physical therapy, and
Megan Zimmerman Doctor of physical therapy
pregnant woman receiving wellness care

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