Fitness Services

Whether you're an expecting Mother to be, recently gave birth, or you have health, wellness, and fitness goals, Gibson Body Wellness has your solution. Treatment for pelvic floor and orthopedic conditions.

Looking to get in shape or work towards general fitness goals? We got you covered there too.

We offered individualized plans tailored to you, designed specifically for you by your PT. Let's get you looking and feeling your best!

Remote services

Including guided monthly individualized programs.

  • Includes an initial consult performed via telehealth or in office.(Standard visit fees apply for this)
  • Mid month check in and program update to keep you motivated and progressing towards your goals. Check in options via messaging, phone call or telehealth video format.

*Remote fitness is offered currently through the fitness Trainerize app. The program is designed by your physical therapist, pictures and videos are provided.

Heather Fitness

Online/Digital Programs

Coming soon! Prenatal and postpartum programs at the convenience of your own pace. Guided outline with specific exercises to help maintain strength, mobility and connection to your pelvic floor.
  • This is a great option for you busy mamas who find it difficult to follow a consistent workout plan via an app or make in-person appointments.
  • Pdf format and will include exercise pictures with recommendations for a frequency and duration.
  • Education on the common diagnoses that we see during pregnancy and postpartum phase with specific exercises and tips to address them.
Expecting Mothers Fitness Plans

Expecting Mothers Fitness Plans

Learn what exercises to do during pregnancy to continue to support that amazing baby bump.

  • Includes an exercise program focused for each trimesters needs.
  • Includes initial phone consultation or telehealth session upon request. Standard telehealth appointment rates apply.
  • Monthly check ins at the transition of each trimester. 
Strong Moms Fitness Plans

Strong Moms Fitness Plans

Designed specifically for you from a pelvic floor physical therapist with a background in and passion for fitness.

  • Includes initial phone consultation or telehealth session upon request. Standard telehealth appointment rates apply.
  • Includes exercises and workouts to help you rebuild and connect to your core, as well as general strengthening and mobility recommendations.
  • Visit the FAQ page for cost. 
  • Must be 6 weeks postpartum and have been cleared by your OBGYN.
Dr Megan Zimmerman Pilates


Curious about wanting to try pilates but are unsure about what type of pilates would be appropriate due to current or past injuries you may have? Or maybe you are just wanting to build more confidence with exercising on a Pilates reformer machine without the stress of being thrown into a busy fast paced class!?

Sessions are offered for general fitness, prenatal or postpartum.  Tailored to meet your specific goals and needs, including strength, mobility, and endurance.
  • Pilates services are offered by Dr. Zimmerman, D.P.T. Specialty certification and treating prenatal populations.
Reformer and mat pilates instruction
  • 30 min sessions
  • 1 hour
  • Semi-private sessions which allow you to bring a partner along. 1 hour long
Packages offered, pricing as follows
  • 1 session drop in $100
  • 6 sessions for $90 a session
  • 12 sessions for $85 a session

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