Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that attach at the pubic bone then run back to the tailbone creating a hammock shape. There are three layers, with the deepest layer being the pelvic diaphragm and the more superficial layers providing sphincter control to vagina, rectum and urethra.

These muscles assist with many roles including supporting the pelvis, spine and hips, aiding in circulation and pressure management in the deep core canister, provide support for the bowel, bladder and uterus in women, and also assist with sexual arousal.


These muscles can become dysfunctional. You may be underutilizing or overusing them leading to lack of coordination. This can be the cause of a diagnosis such as fecal or urinary incontinence. You may also experience difficulty having bowel or bladder movements, difficulty relaxing muscles or over straining and pushing, pain with intercourse or lack of arousal, or pain near your tailbone or perineal region.

  • Pain with intercourse 
  • Bladder incontinence
  • Recurring constipation
  • Bladder frequency or urgency
  • Hesitancy with urinating
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Diastasis recti (ab separation)
  • Back pain or hip dysfunction such as labral tear
  • Tailbone pain or difficulty sitting
  • Sciatica
  • Pain or incontinence with returning to exercise/ fitness goals

No – due to the nature of the insurance based service model, I’m not able to provide the care that best heals my patients. 

I only accept cash, check or credit card payment.


I have found that with the perks of this model many of my patients require fewer visits. Ultimately this can mean you save money versus a traditional insurance practice that requires you pay a copay each visit, and stretches out your number of visits with lesser care.


Benefits include:

  • One on one sessions with your PT (not a technician)
  • Full hour visits
  • Faster and more direct support and communication including with your PT directly via call/text communication. 


* I do create an invoice that you can submit to your insurance and health savings account on your own, but I am not involved in submitting.

They are generally an hour to an hour and a half. Follow ups may range from 30 min to one hour depending on your needs.

Not a problem. I just ask for 24 hours notice if you can. This allows me to offer that time slot to another patient.

You can call, text or email to do so.

The exam will have traditional physical therapy assessment measures such as posture assessment, range of motion / flexibility and strength. If necessary, and with consent, a pelvic floor exam may be performed by your practitioner. This is performed by gentle examination and palpation of the pelvic floor (vaginally) , as well as assessment of muscle strength and coordination. No stirrups or OBGYN speculum.

Yes you can, this is up to you and your comfort level.

Yes! This is absolutely one of the benefits of not being seen in a busy clinic setting.

After you sign up for an evaluation, you will be emailed the patient intake/ history form, consent to treat and cancel policy form. You can email them in or bring them to your appointment. These documents are also under the contact me page.

Dry Needling involves placing a small closed lumen needle into the tissue that is tender. This may  include a trigger point of a muscle, or be targeted towards ligamentous or tendon junctions. The intent is to normalize the physiology of the area and improve  your body’s own ability to promote healing to this site, improve muscle tone and reduce pain. Sterile acupuncture needles are used, and maybe performed with or without electricity.

Yes for general hip, low back and Ortho conditions. 

I do not have specialized training in treating men’s pelvic floor dysfunctions, but have lots of great referral sources!

  • Strong Moms postpartum virtual exercise plans: $100 a month. 

 -Note: Discounts offered for upfront payment of fitness plans with 10% off discount.


Treatment pricing: 

  • Pricing of sessions listed under Schedule link on Contact page. Please call or email for any more questions of pricing.
  • Package pricing offered when you book 6 or more sessions at a time.
  • Monthly Membership plans offered for established patients, with benefits of $ savings on each visit.  Please reach out for details. 
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